Innovative technology of customized refractory solutions

The company's main products are: intermediate frequency furnace lining refractory system, acid lining material for cast iron, neutral lining material for cast steel, plastic repair material (green mud and white mud), coil cement (red mud), alkaline lining material, high alumina castable, plastic refractory mud, mouth material of intermediate frequency furnace, refractory for molten iron ladle, lining material for copper melting furnace High performance amorphous refractories, such as lining material of aluminum melting furnace, refractory castable for aluminum industrial furnace, etc. It is widely used in medium frequency induction furnace, induction heating furnace, high frequency diathermy furnace, aluminum melting furnace, copper melting furnace, molten liquid running ladle, aluminum melting industrial furnace and other industrial kilns.MORE+

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